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IoT Guardian "Heimdall"

IoT is only as reliable as the communication between IoT devices allows it to be. The best alarm sensors (e.g. for precise temperature monitoring) have no way at all to communicate this alarm status in case of WLAN or power failure.

Wir habenve recognized this weakness of the IoT trend and therefore developed a solution based on our IoT base component. Our robust IoT hardware platform with USB and battery operation enables alarm notification even in case of power failure.

Our realization goes far beyond this goal. Not only tests concerning the availability of infrastructures are possible, but also deviations from "content" requirements. Thus, our system can be used universally as a security tool:

Heimdall (Old Norse Heimdallr, Heimdalr or also Heimdali) is in Norse mythology a god from the deity of the Aesir, who is depicted as the guardian of the gods.