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IoT solutions

We develop professional IoT solutions for you from the data source (sensors) to the evaluation software or support you in your projects. IoT i.e. the "Internet of Things" are devices that communicate via the Internet (or private intranet). The use of Internet communication structures (such as the existing WLAN network) enables significant cost reductions.

Of course, not every application is IoT-capable. Real-time control in particular is not yet possible, as the infrastructure of the Internet does not guarantee maximum signal runtimes.

Our IoT devices

All our IoT devices have in-house developed reliable hardware as the basis for developing the various actuators & sensors. More comprehensive information here.

Our IoT devices can be extensively configured to easily fit into existing infrastructure.

Using this IoT base component we offer the following components:
IoT action/feedback button
IoT temperature/humidity
IoT guardian "Heimdall"